Law of Attraction


Think, Visualize, Believe, ReceiveTo think is to direct your mind towards something.

To believe is to accept something as the truth.

To visualize is to form mental images or pictures perceivable to the mind.

To receive is to accept what has been given.

The law of attraction is very simple from a conceptual basis. However, the practice of such can be complicated without knowing how to focus.

Focus on more of what you want. Focus on the steps needed in order to get what you want.

Until next time,

Peace and Love!


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Happy New Fiscal Year

happy new yearWelcome to the new fiscal year of 2014. As we embark on a new journey to more prosperity and abundance lets remember to focus , believe, and participate in and with what it is we truly desire to manifest.

For those of you who are fairly new to being positively prosperous and deliberately practicing the law of attraction, I’d like to share three very important steps when it comes to the law of attraction and getting more of what you want.

  1. Ignore what you don’t want.
  2. Know what you want.
  3. Conquer ALL doubts.

By following these simple steps, you can and will get more of want you want when practicing the law of attraction. The most important step is to conquer all doubts. You have to know you can and will get what you want without a single doubt.

Until next time,


Peace, abundance, and prosperity.


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Amari Rasun Energy Bracelet

Brand New Amari Rasun Energy Bracelet made with Tigers Eye, White Jade, and Yellow Topaz gemstone beads.

This Amari Rasun Energy Bracelet contains Tigers Eye, White Jade, and Yellow Topaz.

The Tigers Eye gemstone beads are for protection. They also help the wearer focus the mind as well as promoting mental clarity.

The White Jade gemstone beads helps protect the wearer from negative energies. The white jade gemstone beads also bring peace, harmony and luck.

The Yellow Topaz gemstone beads increases faith and belief. It helps the wearer attract helpful people and increases charisma as well as confidence.



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Change Your Thoughts

change-your-thoughtsAre you ready to change your life for the better. Well, the first step is to change your thoughts. Don’t worry about what is wrong or what you may lack because it wont bring you positive results.

You want to focus on solutions to your problems instead of focusing on how bad things may be. By focusing on solutions, you are programming your mind to overcome any obstacles you may be facing.

Worry only brings suffering and sorrow. You have to be more optimistic and start thinking like a winner instead of thinking like a loser.

Remember, thoughts become things. Lets think about success and perseverance so good things will manifest. If you have obstacles in your life, set goals to help you clear them so you can see positive results.

Keep in mind that regardless of what may happen in life, it isn’t nearly as important and your reaction to it. So, lets make a change today and do some creative thinking to manifest what it is you truly would like to have.

Until next time,

Peace and prosperity.

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Words Are Really Powerful

the-power-of-wordsDid you know that words have great amounts of power? Just think about it.

Have you ever felt the difference in how you feel when someone tells you they love you?

Sometimes it can give you chills. If you’re like me, hearing someone tell you they love you gives you butterflies.

See the thing is, words have vibrations and these vibrations can be either bad or good.

Words with good vibrations have healing properties. That’s why you feel good when you speak them or hear them.

Words with negative vibrations have destructive properties. Meaning, you can cause mental and emotional harm to yourself as well as others whenever they are spoken.

So ask yourself, “what in the world have I been talking about?”

Hopefully you’ve been giving off positive vibrations when speaking words that have power!

I encourage you to pay close attention to the words you speak. Let them be words of love, peace, truth, and freedom. Never use your tongue against yourself or to harm others.

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Prosperity!

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