Cut It Short

5555-133044144661Hello world! Today, I just wanted to share with you some very important information when it comes to living a positive life and being successful.

We are all aware that there are negative people all around us. Sometimes it can be a co-worker, a friend, a relative, a spouse, etc. Normally, it can be hard to deal with their mentalities and its even harder for us to cut them off.  However, you can cut it short!

Next time your high school friend calls looking for a pity party, cut it short! If your ex lover contacts you and brings up the dark past from your previous relationship, cut it short!

With all of the negative programming on the radio and television you should treat your mind to more pleasant thoughts, images, and experience. Your mind deserve a lot better.

Lets be real. Who wants to hear and see that type of BS? No one! In fact, I have a very close friend who only gets ten minutes of day because he has such a toxic mentality. He never has anything positive to say. He refuses to congratulate people for their success. He is what we call a hater. Instead of cutting him out of my life completely, I just limit the amount of time I allow him in my daily routine.

I know it may sound cruel or harsh but it is what it is. You have to put yourself first in these toxic relationships. Remember, cut it short. You don’t have to cut them off completely. Just don’t allow yourself to be brought down by the negative, pessimistic people who cant seem to get right!

It doesn’t matter who or what it is that’s bringing you down with negative baggage. Just cut it short. It can be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Unfollow and unfriend those negative people immediately. They are making you sick whether you know it or not. Stop watching the violent attack videos. Stop reading the degrading post. Give your mind a bath!

Peace & Love!

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Imagination to transformation

The power of imaginationAt one point in my life, I felt like every thing was going wrong. My car was a piece of crap, my income had halted, and my living situation was unstable.

To be honest, I was depressed. Although I had the love of my life, I still felt incomplete due to a lack of income.

One day she asked me what happened to the guy she first fell in love with. She said, “he was always positive and could see the good in any situation.”

I had lost that guy. I forgot who he was because life was hitting me with consecutive combos for a whole year straight.

I couldn’t figure out what it was I was doing wrong so I started looking at what I was doing right and started doing more of it.

See the problem we have is we spend way too much time focusing on our problems instead of perfecting our solutions.

I know its easier said that done because I too was in a tight bind. Not only was my car a rag mobile. I was on the verge of losing it to a tile loan since I was unemployed at the time.

Eventually I just put it all in the hands of the creator and got in the flow of where I wanted to be.

I began imagining I was driving a nice luxury vehicle like I had always been used to owning. I began seeing my pocket change as if it were a thousand dollars. I began seeing my self working a decent job with decent pay.

I literally imagined what I wanted in life and sure enough, it all came to me in due time.

It can happen for you too as long as you imagine and focus on what you want and where you want to be.

Don’t let the past bring you down and keep you down. Get back up. Remember you have to see it to believe it in this material world.

Began to visualize what you want. I promise you, with a little effort, focus, and faith, you can witness financial miracles.

Just take a chance. We put so much energy and thought into what we cant stand or what we don’t like. Why not trying to imagine a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

Develop that positive image and maintain it. Even when you notice your thoughts slipped back into that negative existence remind yourself that you deserve better and will be and have better. Know that things are getting better right now!

until next time,

Peace and Prosperity.

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