Do You Deserve To Be Loved?

Do You Deserve To Be Loved?

Many people tend to mention how unhappy they are these days. A lot of times you will hear many say that love is hard to find or that there aren’t any good people in the world worth loving.

All of these individuals have one thing in common and that is their negative perception when it comes to love and happiness.

The truth is, you deserve to be happy just as much as you deserve to be miserable. The choice is totally up to you.

In most relationships, whether good or bad, people get exactly what they asked for or what they felt they deserved. This is why some people have loving and caring relationships while others don’t.

With that being said, you should be careful of what you ask for and what you do. By applying the law of attraction to your love life, you will find that you will attract what you want.

The whole trick is to be specific in what you want. Now, I know people say beggars shouldn’t be choosy and not to be so picky. However, you shouldn’t begging for love. God is love and by understanding that you should give and receive love.

I had a friend who always had woman trouble to the point that it was disturbing. He would always complain about how women only wanted him for money and how they were never faithful to him.

After ten years of hearing him complain over and over again, he finally asked me for some advice. The advice I gave him was simple and easy. Stop focusing on who you don’t want and start focusing on who you want.

In my opinion, whatever we feel on the inside is reflected outside of us. Deep down inside, he didn’t want to be loved and it showed in all of his relationships.

Some people are afraid of love. True enough, initially they’ll want to be loved and find happiness. However, at some point and time they feel that they aren’t worthy or deserving of love due to their own insecurities and it begins to reflect in their current relationship.

The thing is, people tend to look for love in all of the wrong places. The first place to seek love is from within. Once you learn to love yourself without a doubt you will learn to love others and you will begin to attract more love to you.

Many people say that love isn’t real or that love doesn’t exists. Maybe that is true to them but I completely disagree because I am love. If you love yourself then you are love! Love of self is very important.

Just by observation, I have seen that those who complain about love and relationships are usually those who really don’t want true love and successful relationships.

These people love in fear and true love is fearless. Furthermore, these people focus on all the things about love that they don’t want instead of solely focusing on the love they want.

The moment you feel that you deserve divine love, you will attract and experience it. The same applies to the moment you truly feel that you deserve heart break and pain, you will receive and experience just that.

Pay attention to how often people say that they will never find true love. Or how frequently they say that they will be single forever. You will notice that they do so very often and this is the reason why they are so unhappy.

They wont allow themselves to receive love because they feel unworthy of love and its all due to the fact that they don’t know how to love themselves. They even go as far as cursing love and begin to run from love.

For example, many times you will hear people refer to how they shouldn’t have let someone go. How they shouldn’t have done someone wrong.

They can go on and on about how they were meant to be together but they never really acknowledge or understand the fact that their thoughts lead to the break up. Everything began with thought and many peoples thoughts on love aren’t positive!

So, back to the best advice to finding and maintaining love. Focus on loving yourself and love will find you. Love is always being searched for.

If you aren’t getting the love you want, make yourself worth that love in which you deserve. Meaning, love yourself more and you will notice that you can actually have the love you positively believe that you truly deserve.

Tell yourself, “I am love” and “I deserve the best love.” Remember that love is wonderful and a pleasure we all are entitled to. Also, focus on the positive aspects of love. Don’t allow love to be tainted with negativity.

Until next time,


Peace and Prosperity

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