Winning Is Contagious

Have you ever been around winners and noticed that you feel encouraged to win? Yet, if you go around a “loser,” the “loser” will encourage you to “lose.” A “loser” will only have negative thoughts and will always speak like a pessimist. In all of my lifetime, the only valuable things I’ve learned from a “loser,” is what not to do and who not to follow.

The difference between a group of winners and “losers” is the fact that the winners don’t see themselves losing. Meanwhile, the “losers” can’t maintain the vision of winning. It’s just that simple. It’s like the popular saying, “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

Spend time around successful people and you will see that you’re spending time in a profitable position. Spend time around unsuccessful people and its a good chance that you will be making yourself subject to their limitations and failures.

I was taught that a train of thought can be very contagious. Spend enough time around anyone and there is a good chance you will begin to engage in the same type of activities as they do.

You have to ask yourself, what does a “loser” have to offer you of benefit other than the visual archetype of someone, something, or somewhere you KNOW you don’t want or need to be?

Some people are great motivators, such as myself, and they can help plant seeds of prosperity in the minds of those who have a losing mindset. However, ultimately, it is up to the individual to do the proper ground work in order for these positive seeds to grow positively.

The thing about winners is, they are already winning, and they plan on keeping it that way. In the minds of a winner, they have already won! In fact, winners like to be around winners because winners produce more winners.

When you plant flowers, you don’t plant them in a flower bed full of weeds. You plant them in fertile grounds that are free of weeds so they can grow to their greatest potential.

People with a “losing” mindset are either ones of little faith or they have become content with losing because they are entangled in weed like thoughts.

I can admit, I was losing at a point in my life and the woman who helped get me back on a winning track told me that “it would seem hard, but there are some people and things I would have to let go of in order to become successful.” She told me to “let go of anyone functioning from a negative polarity.”

At first, I didn’t want to do it, just like she said, but, as I began to make more and more money, I realized that my success caused them to become more and more negative. They always had something to say about me making money and it’s source.

Eventually, I started dropping them left and right. I had to break away from the “weeds” because I was on the path of success and I didn’t see myself turning back or being held back.

Find the winner in your subconscious, if you can’t find it, develop it! Think like a winner, know like a winner, and win like a winner! Winning is contagious and the more you spend time around winners you will begin to experience the symptoms of winners.

If you’re in a circle of “losers,” step out of THEIR circle! Start your own team and win at whatever it is that you have in mind! Remember, a train of thought is contagious. Is your train running on tracks that lead to success? If so, don’t stop! Keep going!

Until next time

Peace and success


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